And the winner of our modified Nissan 350Z is….

Nissan 350Z parked

It has to be said we’ve had a blast razzing around in our bona fide Japanese muscle car over the past 6-months or so. It’s made an appearance all the UK events, logged some serious hours in the workshop, and we’ve dropped a skip-full of cash building it up to be the perfect basis for any long-term project.


But now it’s all over. No more shall we roll around town using every one of its 300-odd horsepowers to impress the ladies (and make it look like we’ve actually got a few quid). And that makes us sad.

Nissan 350Z rear-profile

Still, it’s not all bad. For the new owner, Richard Spurgeon, the news is clearly rather good. We’ve always known we’d have to give the car away of course, but just after TRAX we saw him pick up the keys. Well, I say pick them up, more like physically crowbar ‘em out of our clutches!

Fast Car Nissan 350z wheels

Anyway, rewind just a few days, and the last thing to finish on the 350Z before the show was to wrap our stunning Hyper Black 9.5 and 10.5×18-inch AutoStar hoops in Nankang rubber. We chose 245/35 and 275/35 tyres, so there wasn’t an extreme stretch, whacked them on and the job was complete. This car really did turn out nice didn’t it?

Side-profile wheels Nissan 350z

Unfortunately though, the publisher still was adamant that he wouldn’t let us keep it. So up to Silverstone it went to await the draw for a new owner. As it turns out, Richard here was holding the golden ticket at 4 o’clock… and we’re sure he won’t mind us saying he’s a jammie, jammie bugger!

Nissan 350Z interior

In fact, what’s even luckier is that this competition has been running at all the events over the past season, and Richard only entered after hearing a tannoy announcement at TRAX, just an hour before the draw! Dreams really do come true ‘eh?

Fast Car Nissan 350Z side-profile

So, Richard is extremely happy, and we’re extremely happy for him, even if we’ll miss the big, bad Nissan being on the Fast Car fleet. Well done mate, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

In other news, we’re all off to look for a giveaway car for the 2019 season – any ideas?

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Words & Photos Midge