TRAX is so close, we can almost smell the tyre smoke. And you could be driving away in our modified Nissan 350Z!

Yep, there’s a distinct whiff of TRAX on the horizon, and that means that I need to stop messing about using this here hairy-chested Japanese muscle car in a desperate bid to impress the local ladie… er I mean, ‘thoroughly testing the new Japspeed exhaust and PB Coilovers’. Instead I need to pull my finger out and get this car up to scratch for its new owner.

Black fast car banzai nissa 350z

Now, as we spent so much time and cash finding a high-spec UK model in black, we’ve always intended to keep the theme a little stealthy. Lairy graphics and wraps are all very well of course, but not everyone enjoys the prospect of blasting around town in a drift car, or looking like some sort of extra from the Fast and Furious franchise. So, with all this in mind we’ve decided that stealth is THE look for this project and we’re going to achieve it with a few simple body enhancements, a few other satin black details, and some window tinting. Simple enough, eh?

Nissan 350z skirtage

First up though, some subtle skirtage from the guys at Tarmac Sportz. These high-quality FRP items are rather tasteful but, most importantly, an absolute monkey like me can get them on without any messing about. In fact, they screw into the OEM side skirts so there’s no adapting and filling needed to make them fit properly. They’re also supplied ready-primed, so all I needed was a few coats of satin black, and they’d be ready to go.

fast car banzai Nissan 350z headlights

While I was painting those, I thought I’d pull out door handles and badges to give those a lick too, perfect to get somewhere near the ‘murdered out’ look… as we used to call it back in the day (damn you’re old – Jules).

fast car banzai Nissan 350z bonnet

With all that sorted I tapped up an old mate of mine, James at Phantom Tinting in Swanscombe. Now, I’ve known James for a good few years and, as he’s not far from Midge’s Chop Shop, I’ve seen about a billion amazing cars go in and out of there in that time. James also owns a remapping company called Phantom Tuning, and he’s done a great job of squeezing a load of extra grunt out of my Navara workhorse recently too. Still, although I was most tempted to get an expert port map while I was there, again, we just don’t know who’s going to win it yet.

Nissan 350z side skirts

To be fair I’ve been told I will be sacked if I follow my usual route of getting all over-excited about engine mods and taking things too far. On the bright side though, James is an absolute demon window tinter and he had the job on the 350Z done in no time. In fact, he didn’t even punch me in the face when I turned up with the car covered in filth… which is rather nice of him.

fast car banzai nissa window tinting

Anyway, as you can see, the tints are spot-on and James also suggested using a legal tint on the headlights to freshen them up too. With the plastic headlights getting on a bit now this was a great (and relatively cheap) way to transform the front end.

Nissan logo black

Admittedly I wouldn’t have the patience for any of this myself, the only ‘wrapping I’ll be doing is on my new CD ‘Midge and the Gang’ which will be available on iTunes in the summer (don’t worry, he’s joking, I think – Jules).

Black Nissan fully painted

But that’s the real difference between getting a pro on it, and buying cheap online film just to explode in a fit of rage while you’re trying to install it. Been there, done that, and I’d probably have a heart attack if I even attempted it! Window tinting and wrapping should be left to the pros, period.

Nissan interior window film

Tinting – £130
Headlights – £70
Sideskirts – £250

TOTAL £450

Phantom Tinting – 01322 836680
Tarmac Sportz – 01332 206674

For your LAST CHANCE to get your hands on the Banzai Fast Car 350Z look out for the Competition Station tent at TRAX at Silverstone 7th October. You will need to get there ASAP as the winner will be drawn and announced in the afternoon. Good luck!

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Words & Photos Midge