WRC 3 Game

The legendary WRC game series is back for its third installment and, I’ve gotta say, it’s so unbelievably jaw-dropping I’m not quite sure what to write about first! (Try and work it out then, that’s your job! – Glenda). 

Now, I could bang on all day about the 13 super-realistic tracks including that of the infamous Monte-Carlo Rally. I could easily bore you all to death with the technical specifications of the 37 rally cars from more than 50 teams and the details of every one of the 83 stages.

WRC 3 Game

I could even go into the mad skills of the new games engine that took over 2-years to develop, but the most important thing is the simplest; is it any good?

Well, yes actually. In my eyes, the eyes of the rest of the FC team and the eyes of anyone who actually has eyes, this is easily the best rally game anywhere, ever. Prepare to be blown away!

WRC 3 Game

Price £35

For more info see WRC 3

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