Citroen AX VTS

How it looks now. Oh dear...

In Fast Car Magazine issue 251, seventy-two issues and 5 Ω years ago I wrote the following in projects:

Citroen AX VTS

As seen in Fast Car Magazine issue 251.

‘If you’ve been reading Fast Car for sometime you’ll probably recognise my AX. However if you’re a newer reader you wont as it’s been sometime since her last appearance. In fact it’s been over a year. And the reason why?
Citroen AX VTS
Well ever since last years French Car Show there seems to of been a gremlin in my electrics. Doors locks open and close by themselves, occasionally the lights play up and there’s also been a strange smell coming from under the seats. At first I thought it was damp but after closer investigation it seems a half eaten Ginsters and a mouldy pair of socks from Ultimate Street Car 2004 were to blame.

Citroen AX VTS

Don't worry, some updated mods are on the way...

But enough of the excuses its finally time for my AX to make a comeback and hopefully in time for the 2007 French Car Show at Rockingham in July. To start off I’m enlisting some help from an old friend Rhys Davies at L’ectrics to sort out my electric problems as this has never been a strong point of mine. After that I’ll be moving onto the cooling as I’ve got a leaky radiator and a rather temperamental fan too. She’s in desperate need of a tune up and there’s gonna be a few styling changes too. So watch this space.”

Citroen AX VTS

Some mould, yesterday...

Well not much has changed, other than the fact the mouldy smell inside my car is actually now from actual mould and not from premium baked goods. Oh, and the target is now FCS 2013. Oh well, only six years late…

Citroen AX VTS

How it looked back in 2005...


Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover £3


AX Owners Club

Citroen AX VTS

That green isn't mould. Honest.

Citroen AX VTS

And this was taken way back in 1999. Possibly...

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