Honda Integra DC2 head unit double din
Until recently I’d been pretty happy with my headunit; it played CDs, could connect to my iPod and could play most files via the USB connection. To be fair, for an old unit my trusty Clarion DXZ388RUSB has served me well. However, I’ve recently moved house and now face a longer commute to work and more time stuck in traffic. So I thought it was about time I upgraded to a swanky double-din.
Honda Integra DC2 head unit double din
When it comes to audio it’s a good time to be a buyer, there’s never been more choice available and it’s amazing what you can get for your money. In fact I remember when a decent double din was the best part of £1500, and now you can easily get something for half
Honda Integra DC2 head unit double din
As with most new product purchases I started my search online, and after a short while and a bit of research I found the perfect double din on the Celsus website – the fantastic Caliber RDN 893BT. So I got on the blower, flashed the plastic, and the next day it was delivered to my desk. Top service I must say.
Honda Integra DC2 head unit double din
As soon as I got home I whipped out the old unit, made a few minor mods to the facia surround and was in business with my new double din ready to rock. So is it good? Nope, it’s amazing and it’s easily the best headunit I’ve ever owned. The 7-inch touchscreen is quick and easy to navigate and works great with my iPhone and my iPod. It plays everything from load of other formats. And the Bluetooth hands free is great, as is the A2DP + AVRCP Audiostreaming function.
Honda Integra DC2 head unit double din
Other functions include a USB connection, front and rear RCA outputs, a sub out, a remote control and the European navigation is the best I’ve seen. The included SD-card features not just detailed maps of Europe, but also speedcam alerts and really cool 3D landmarks and cities. This truly is next gen stuff.
Honda Integra DC2 head unit double din
But that’s not all, nope, there’s a ton of extras I’ve not even had a chance to use yet, including a reverse gear and RCA camera input (for a reversing camera), two video outputs, then there’s the… well you get the idea, it’s pretty awesome.

Caliber RDN 893BT double din headunit £719.99



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