608bhp Evo-powered Peugeot 205

Evo powered Peugeot 205

With power to rival a Pagani Zonda, this 608bhp Evo-powered Peugeot 205 is a bit of an animal…

Ever wondered what a 608bhp, Evo-powered Pug 205 feels like? I’m about to find out. Strapped into the OMP bucket seat, the nutter sat next to me has just given me a knowing smile, before dumping the clutch in second gear.

Evo powered Peugeot 205

All hell breaks loose. There’s an angry snarl, followed by the revs going off the clock as the tyres struggle to find grip. The car pulls sideways, but some corrective lock puts us back on track. We quickly hit three figures, before approaching a roundabout, where the Compbrake 4-pots scrub off speed and I almost swallow my camera. Sweet baby Jebus, this thing’s quick!

Evo powered Peugeot 205

In case you were in any doubt, this is no ordinary 205. This is the bastard child of a 205 and an Evo – the vision of mad Midlander, Rob Walton of French Car Specialists, Constella. “A mate in the pub bet me I couldn’t fi t an Evo engine in my 205,” he says, “So I had to prove him wrong,” he adds with a laugh.


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