Stanced VWs

  • LowStatic Meet

    Glenn Rowswell at 2:16 pm, 16th June 2014

    LowStatic Meet

    A short look a the LowStatic meet in Faak am See Wörthersee. Enjoy!

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  • Run to the Sun 2014 – Part Two

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:13 pm, 3rd June 2014

    Run to the Sun 2014 – Part Two

    It's part two of our coverage from Run to the Sun The New Dawn 2014. This time we're taking a trip around the campsite and hitting the arenas for some nightlife.

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  • Run to the Sun 2014 – Part One

    Glenn Rowswell at 2:45 pm, 29th May 2014

    Run to the Sun 2014 – Part One

    The famous RTTS is back. We’ve got a shed of photos to share, but we thought we get started with the famous ‘Show n Shine’ held at Newquay Airport.

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  • VW CampFest 2014

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:00 am, 9th May 2014

    VW CampFest 2014

    Take a look at this great video of VW CampFest, South Africa's largest VAG gathering at the Abrahamsrust Resort in the Vaal.

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  • ST Suspensions XTA Golf MK7 GTi Coilovers

    Glenn Rowswell at 8:47 am, 16th April 2014

    ST Suspensions XTA Golf MK7 GTi Coilovers

    The MK7 GTi is the latest in the world’s most famous hot hatch dynasty. Volkswagen always strive to keep ahead of the pack and make the latest GTi the best yet...

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  • Dubshed 2014 Video

    Glenn Rowswell at 10:02 am, 7th April 2014

    Dubshed 2014 Video

    The dust has barely settled on the Kings Hall Complex floor in Belfast and the first Dubshed 2014 video has already landed. Take a look!

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  • First Spring Event

    Glenn Rowswell at 2:13 pm, 3rd April 2014

    First Spring Event

    We know very little about this First Spring Event video as the description was in French. All the same, it looks pretty 'impressionnant' to us!

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  • Ultimate Dubs 4K

    Glenn Rowswell at 2:10 pm, 27th March 2014

    Ultimate Dubs 4K

    We've posted plenty of Ultimate Dubs 2014 content this last few weeks, but we've left the best till last. Say hello to Ultimate Dubs 4K by Stephen Brooks.

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