Drift Cars

  • Raw Edition C33 Laurel

    Raw Edition C33 Laurel

    Glenn Rowswell on 14th March 2012

    Who needs clever editing and music when you’ve got footage like this! Awesome video on a crazy C33 Laurel by Maiham Media. Turn those speakers up!

  • Irwindale 120 FPS

    Irwindale 120 FPS

    Glenn Rowswell on 7th February 2012

    Will Roegge has just unleashed this Formula Drift Irwindale 2011 video. Some amazing footage!

  • Drift Ford Escort Mk.2

    Drift Ford Escort Mk.2

    Glenn Rowswell on 27th January 2012

    It's that ‘mad Irish guy in the drifting Ford Escort’. We check out Declan Mucnnelly's BDC Super Pro Class Mk.2 Ford Escort.

  • Bloodmasters Bloodbath

    Bloodmasters Bloodbath

    Glenn Rowswell on 17th January 2012

    The Bloodmasters invade Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ, USA. Quite possibly the most badass drift video we’ve ever seen. Awesome!

  • 5 Best Backward Entry Drift Videos

    5 Best Backward Entry Drift Videos

    Glenn Rowswell on 4th January 2012

    We’re not talking about our dodgy DVD collection, but the holy grail of drifting… the backwards entry. It’s drifting’s equivalent of the 147 break in snooker, the 9-dart finish in darts and a hole in one in golf. Basically a…