XS Power Turbos

There’s no getting away from it, here in the UK, hybrid turbos are frickin’ expensive! Come to think of it, so are standard jobs.

Whether it’s a fettled KO3 or KO4 for your blown VAG cruiser, a TDO5 for your Subaru, or even a mental T5 ball-bearing job for whatever other monster you happen to be bolting together, you’re often looking at upwards of a grand just to rebuild your own, and that’s if you’re lucky!

With that in mind we’re not quite sure how our friends over the pond at XS-Power can actually earn a living by offering their brand new units at a fraction of the price of just about everyone else.

XS Power Turbos
I mean, sure the exchange rate is on our side for once but, even so, these guys stock everything from top quality standard replacements to all-singing all-dancing stage III units with uprated compressor wheels, re-profiled housings, lightened turbines and all the trimmings at money that makes it simply ridiculous not to upgrade.

No the price below is not a misprint – they actually offer a stage III T3/T4 for just £100! Even after shipping costs and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise pulling your pants down you’re looking at one hell of a bolt-on tuning bargain – you might as well buy two and use one as a doorstop! Serious credit crunching work from our American chums.

Priced from£100

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