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Top 5 Aero Goodies

Top 5 Aero Goodies

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 4th September 2013

aero car partsJapspeed Carbon BGW

You might look a bit of a tool if you nail one of these to the back of your Corsa, but on a big power, aero-clad drift car – there is no substitute. Sometimes downforce is everything!

Price £349

For more info see Japspeedaero car parts
Aerokit Overfenders

They’re not only necessary for squeezing on those ridiculously wide, low-offset rims but, it has to be said, they look pretty damn awesome too. Hardcore defined!

Priced from £90

For more info see Aerokitaero car partsFormula Race Mirrors

Smaller cars will benefit from the reduced drag and sleek looks provided by these Formula-style race mirrors. No
aero-styled MX-5 or MR2 should be without a set for a start!

Price £30 (each)

For more info see Demon Tweeksaero car partsAerokit Rear Diffuser

How’s this bit of kit for bonkers? Cut one of these into your back bumper and all you need to do is sit back and wait for the legendary status! Only the most hardcore of racers need apply for this one.

Price £150

For more info see Aerokitaero car partsR35 GT-R Carbon Lip

Got an R35? Well aren’t you a lucky bugger! In any case 345-nicker is the least of your worries so you might as well go out and spec it up with one of these sweet carbon beauties… you know it makes sense.

Priced £345

For more info see Japspeed

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