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Top 3 Under Bonnet Shiny Things

Top 3 Under Bonnet Shiny Things

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 14th October 2013

under bonnet modsBadass Performance Custom

The great thing about the fabrication supremos at Badass Performance is that they’re developing parts all day, every day. With literally hundreds available off the shelf, for everything from VXRs to STis, if you can’t actually find what you want they’ll simply fabricate it for you. Your imagination is the only limitation… that and your wallet!

Price £POA

For more info see Badass

under bonnet mods
Whanab Billet Gear

If the almighty VAG is your thing you may think you’ve seen every bit of underbonnet blingery out there but chances are you haven’t. WhanAB in the US are famed for producing well-priced trinkets that no one else has even thought of, unique products like their 1.8T throttle body cover and a massive range of billet caps for the more unusual stuff like power steering bottles, brake reservoirs and washer fluid bottles. Our favourite though has to be their trademark range of cnc machined billet dipsticks and tubes which are designed for the more popular engines in the VAG stable. Some seriously shiny work!

Priced from £7

For more info see Whanab

under bonnet mods

Billet 26 Hardware

The power of simple mods is something not to be underestimated. In fact, it’s just silly to go to town on your engine bay and not replace the hardware with something with just a bit more swagger. Billet 26 is your one stop shop for just about every, nut, bolt, fastener and fitting your heart could desire and many of them are in vehicle specific kits to make life properly lemon squeezy. Nice!

Priced from £8

For more info see Billet 26