Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 18th September 2018

One thing’s for sure, there’s no doubt in the collective FC consciousness that these new Aerodiscs from Rotiform will be one of THE products of 2018. For the first time in… well, ever, it’s something we all unanimously agree on. That clearly deserves some sort of award in itself!

Of course, they may be the very first off-the-shelf wheel fans to hit the market, and it’s a work of genius that these super-lightweight items are engineered to thread securely onto all 9.5×19-inch Rotiform LAS-R and RSE cast wheels (using the Rotiform Billet Hex Nut). Not least because you don’t want to go decapitating any pedestrians with a big, home-made metal frisbee, right?

But it’s not all about innovation – the real feather in their cap is that they have the sort appeal that brings together plenty of completely different facets of car culture. Vintage motorsport fans for example, will love that there’s more than a slice of historic inspiration from the ‘turbo fans’ fitted to many race and rally cars of yesteryear. Proper legends like the Porsche 935 and Group B Lancias.

Those looking for their own performance credentials will be impressed by the added brake cooling that’s inherent with this kind of aero package, and will no doubt be agreeable to the concept that any battle scars can be easily remedied simply by bolting on a new one. And the stance boys will be lapping these up in droves simply because they look the absolute bollocks! To be fair, we can’t think of many people who wouldn’t want a set.

Available in gloss black or gloss white, you can either run them as is or add your own graphics, but what’s most important here is that they offer a cost-effective way to change the look your whole car in a matter of minutes. The fact that they also create the illusion of uber-expensive centre-lock motorsport rims won’t go unnoticed by many either.

An epic idea seriously well executed by our American chums at Rotiform.

Price £140 (each)

For more info see Rotiform and to order yours now see Car Audio Security

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