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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 27th July 2020

Revo have been smashing out new products like there’s no tomorrow of late. And, they’re back again with the next generation of Revo IS38ETR turbo, an enhanced version of the OEM IS38 turbo and a direct replacement for the IHI Turbo found on the awesome 2.0 TSI EA888 GEN3 engine.

But, why is it so much better? Well, for starters there’s a new larger solid billet compressor wheel, that’s stronger, and more aerodynamic to help achieve a higher level of performance with less effort. The lightweight construction of the compressor wheel ensures low inertia, also resulting in increased performance.

The newly engineered turbine wheel increases exhaust gas choke flow limits and reduces backpressure. Also, the bearing housing has also been enlarged and upgraded to make room for a specifically designed 360° thrust bearing system, incorporating a clever custom 4 oil-fed thrust pad for increased reliability.

Plus, there’s a recirculation valve integrated into the compressor housing. So, when the throttle valve is closed and the pressure in the inlet drops, the valve opens and air from the discharge side of the compressor is diverted back into the inlet of the compressor.

There’s more! The integrated turbo muffler delete offers smoother uninterrupted airflow, increased throttle response and improved turbo acoustics. And, according to Revo it can provide over 45% more flow capability and the potential to reach over 500bhp when used with other Revo hardware and software options. What more could you want eh?

Price £3330

For more info see Revo

Dyno testing was carried on Revo’s inhouse DynaPack chassis dynamometer, which measures performance at the wheels. They used a vehicle with a stock IS38 turbo and the same vehicle fitted with a full Revo Performance Pack and IS38ETR turbo. And the results speak for themselves!

  • Stock Golf R Peak performance: 283HP / 379NM (HP at the hubs)
  • IS38 ETR Peak performance:: 457HP / 567NM (HP at the hubs)
  • Peak Gains: +174HP / +188NM
  • Max Gains Over Stock: +183HP @ 6500RPM / +188NM @ 4600RPM