Scirocco Tuning

Like all good software companies, ECU expert Revo is always refining its programmes to ensure that they utilise the very best technology and know-how available at the time.

No-one had anything but great things to say about the firm’s 2.0TSi upgrade when it was launched several months ago, but the firm reckons, after six months of hard testing with its own Stage3 K04 2.0 TSI Scirocco and Golf VI, it has managed to make things even better on its ‘Stage 3’ software.

‘Stage 3’ is designed for cars running the full ticket; uprated turbos, intercoolers, induction and exhaust, so requires a highly sophisticated set of parameters to be able to safely cope with so many new components, and a whole new level of aerobic capacity within the engine. The highlights of the new Version 2 software now includes the following new features;

•                Up to 164hp and 227Nm peak increases over standard quoted figures
•                Switchable performance software (4performance modes)
•                Speed limit removed
•                Increased rev limit from 6800rpm to 7200rpm
•                For use with Revo turbo kits with integrated diverter valve location

Scirocco Tuning

Although the V1 software was clearly perfect, the Revo team has also added a few new extra tweaks into the mix. Using the firm’s innovative Serial Port Switch, owners can switch between pre-set fuel maps to cope with differing qualities of fuel. Anything from ‘cooking’ 95RON, all the way up to 100+RON can be safely accommodated. Peak power remains the same for each fuel mode, but after some careful programming, each map now produces more mid-range and torque.

Any customer with a V1 map can easily have it uprated to the new V2 upgrade completely free of charge. Naturally, all new dealer maps will now be sold with the latest developments included.

Scirocco Tuning

For owners looking to turn a standard car into a near-400bhp fire breathing monster, Revo can also offer all conversion hardware, including the K04 turbo itself, cold air intake, 3” turbo back exhaust, Eurojet Front Mount Intercooler and uprated spark plugs. The firm can also offer uprated engine mounts, throttle pipe and uprated clutch if required.

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