tarox brakes

Braking news just in people. Italian super stoppers Tarox have just unveiled their all-new website.

The new site is extremely clean and easy to use – with an ultra-fast marque and model look-up. All Tarox product lines are available, including discs, complete big brake kits, braided lines, pads and fluids.

An area is also available for those looking to create a bespoke solution for either high performance or motorsport use.

Naturally, all of Tarox latest lines have been listed in a hugely comprehensive run-down of the firm’s impressive catalogue. Better still, the company has taken time to put up every single application from its extensive back-catalogue – all of which is still available – meaning that literally thousands of retro, classic, rare and unusual cars are listed here for easy access.

tarox brakes

Need a set of pads for your early Lamborghini Countach or your Ford Focus RS? You’ll find them here in just a few clicks.

It has never been easier to upgrade the stopping power of your chosen steed and have it delivered swiftly to your door.

Anyway, check it out at Tarox