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Mio Cyclo 300

Mio Cyclo 300

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 26th December 2012

Mio Cyclo 300Thinking outside the box is what intelligent people do, and we’ve done exactly that this month by showing you this, the Mio Cyclo 300.

Sure, we can already hear your cries of “but it’s meant to be used for bikes!”

True, but the Cyclo 300 can be used for cars too and the best bit is it’s small enough to fit in your pocket once you’ve parked, which means you’ve got less chance of it getting nicked!

Even Better, the Cyclo 300 is ready to use straight from the box, contains maps for all over Europe and has clear menus and big buttons so you could even lend it to your Old Dear to use, god bless her. Try it, and be amazed.

Price £250

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