Need something to fight the smell of fags, takeaways, wet dog and other nasty smells? The Meguiar’s whole car air re-fresher is what you need.

We’re absolutely loving this little can of magical stuff from detailing legends Meguiar’s. Because anything that can get rid of all those nasty whiffs from your whole car (not just the seats and floor mats) has to be something of a cleaning essential.

The idea is simple. You just stick your interior fan on full, lock the can so it sprays its odour-eliminating sweetness into the cabin and leave it to go to work for 15 minutes or so. What it does is penetrate everything from the carpets to the headlining, permanently removing even the harshest ground-in wet dog, crusty kebab and Benson & Hedges aroma. For a general interior spruce up it’s superb. If you’ve just listed your motor on eBay as ‘no pets’ and ‘no smoking’, it’s even better. Just think, no one will ever know!

Meguiar’s whole car air re-fresher odour eliminator Fiji Sunset – 59ml, £10