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Hosetechnik Peugeot 208 GTi Performance Brake Hoses

Hosetechnik Peugeot 208 GTi Performance Brake Hoses

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 28th August 2013

Hosetechnik Peugeot 208 GTi Performance Brake HosesPeugeot seems to have hit the spot with the release of its latest 208 GTi – and the car marks a return to hot-hatch form for the French manufacturer.

With many tuners already looking to see what performance modifications can be made, the Hosetechnik division of Forge Motorsport has been busy in the workshop, creating a tailored set of race-quality braided stainless steel brake lines for the super-mini.

With the ethos of the new 208 very much about handling finesse and fizzy power delivery, many enthusiasts are already looking for subtle, warranty and insurance friendly mods that will accentuate and improve what’s already there.

The Hosetechnik lines, with their frictionless braided stainless steel bodies and custom-machined stainless end fittings certainly fall into that category.

Although every kit uses the latest cutting, clamping and finishing techniques, every single set is still assembled and finished by hand -with exemplary levels of quality control and inspection mean that every single hose meets or exceeds all current FMV. ADR, LTSA, DOT and TUV legislation, making these upgrades totally legal in any market globally.

The original lines don’t offer the same pedal feel and confidence-inspiring feel as the Hosetechnik parts, due to their old-fashioned rubber-wall construction. Under load, and particularly after a few years and miles of use, the walls of the factory-style brake hose can ‘bellow’, losing efficiency and wasting some of the effort between pedal and pad.

There are 95PVC sleeve colours available to protect against dirt and water ingress… and best of all, you can actually ring up and speak to the technician who is building your hoses, whilst your order is pending.

Priced from £72

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