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Forge Motorsport BMW F20 135i Uprated Intercooler

Forge Motorsport BMW F20 135i Uprated Intercooler

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 27th May 2014

Forge Motorsport BMW F20 135i Uprated Intercooler

Forge Motorsport has launched another beautifully hand-crafted intercooler upgrade. This time for the latest F20 version of the capable BMW 135i.

Forge’s design brief was very simple with this product; to emulate factory levels of fit and finish, without the need for major surgery, whilst significantly reducing charge temperatures. This has been achieved by careful development, the use of aerospace grade alloys and some exceptional craftsmanship.

Throughout Forge’s extensive testing schedule, this new ‘cooler saw an average drop of some 30 degrees centigrade. Every type of core construction was tried to maximise these gains, with the ‘bar and plate’ type proving to be the optimum design.

Although the core itself is much larger than the OEM unit it replaces, it still fits easily onto factory mount points, with the whole replacement process being possible to complete in under an hour on a home driveway.

The couplers are CNC machined bayonet fittings that exactly ape the somewhat flimsy plastic versions on the factory end-tanks. This means that the units can be connected in mere seconds, precisely the way that BMW intended.

As well as markedly increased cooling efficiency, the Forge unit also reduces pressure loss across the core, increasing the density of the charge and making for much efficient combustion and therefore, performance.

Price 740

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