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ECS Lightweight Pulleys

ECS Lightweight Pulleys

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 20th September 2013

ECS Lightweight PulleysAll-American Euro car specialists, ECS Tuning, make some of the best quality go-faster bits on the world stage – and we have to say their bolt on pulleys are right up our street.

Replacing crankshaft, power steering and alternator pulleys with these standard diameter, super-lightweight units frees up power because the engine has to put in far less effort to turn ‘em.

In fact, the VR6 crank pulley pictured weighs in at around 0.4kg, quite a bit less than the factory 3.1kg and that, dear reader, has to account for more than a couple of horses! CNC machined from billet aluminium and anodized in matt black, they all look pretty damn tasty too.

It’s a simple concept that generates real-world results and, even better for us in the UK, due to the current exchange rates, we’re only paying two-thirds of what we would have been a year ago. But then again, they’ve got Lucky Charms, Hershey bars and iHop waffles, so Karma evens it all out!

Priced from £31

For more info see ECS Tuning