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Calibre CC-V Wheel

Calibre CC-V Wheel

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 11th April 2013

Calibre CC-V Wheel
In amongst a gorgeous crop of retro-inspired designs from Calibre for 2013 is this stunningly modern, heavily concaved design called the CC-V.

This awesome new wheel showcases Calibre’s ultra-modern design and features many elements to mark it as a future design classic. Aimed squarely at the ‘couture’ market, the CC-V is the perfect finishing touch to any sorted VIP, Jap or Euro car.

It’s a design that exudes solidity in all of its many guises and sizes. Finished in satin silver with a polished lip, the CC-V is an up-to-the-minute take on the classic 5 spoke genre. The spoke design features substantial geometric shapes with an aggressive shoulder that cuts back into the deep lip, along with clearly defined perpendicular edges to all front faces.

As well as giving the wheel unique aesthetics, this design also allows for simply masses of caliper clearance, permitting the fitment of the largest possible brake upgrades. The Calibre logo also features prominently on a neat inset detail. As a wheel to appeal to owners of large saloons, tuners cars and understated exponents of the ‘OEM+’ look, the CC-V fits the bill to perfection.

A subtle style like this suits many cars, so Calibre has been quick to add a wide range of sizes and fitments to the launch specification. Staggered 18”, 19” and 20” are all available in all commercially available 5-stud PCDs, with the exception of 5×130.

Offsets range from 28 to 48 to suit almost all possible combinations, meaning that nearly all prestige, sports and executive models can enjoy the style and sophistication of the CC-V this season.

Priced from £185 (per wheel)

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