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Amp of the Month – Juice Amplifiers

Amp of the Month – Juice Amplifiers

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 16th July 2013

juice amp

Cataclysmic power at jaw-dropping prices is the ethos behind this new range of Juice amplifiers. We’re talking almost unbelievable bang for your buckage. Kit that should be on the USA’s National Security Agency watch list. Gear that’ll please even the most mental bass-head. What better in our Mil-Spec issue than a range of weapon-grade products that will, quite literally, blow your bloody doors off? Nothing. Bring on the pain…

The great thing about this new range is just that – it’s a whole range. Instead of rocking up with a whopping great monoblock and that’s about it, Juice have gone down the route of offering four amplifier options, giving a high-powered way to hook up your whole system. Choose from the JA491 and JA591 Class AB 2 channel amps and the hefty JA791 Class AB 4-channel or just lob the mini nuclear power station that is the JA1801D Class D single-channel amp in your boot. They have an option for everyone.

Juice Amplifier

All three of the multi-channel amps are bridgeable, giving flexibility when running speakers, subwoofers or both. Power wise they’re all kicking out some serious wattage too. The JA491 and JA591 will produce 2×375 watts (1×750) and 2×600 (1×1,200) respectively. The 4-channel will hit you with 4×375 or 2×1,200 watts. And, as you’d expect, the WMD-spec digital monoblock is a little on the bonkers side – it serves up a ludicrous 2,400 watts! Got a lust for volume? Well you’ll be wanting some of these!

Okay so the power ratings on all these amplifiers is more than impressive, but they’re also more tweakable than you’d expect at this price point. The 2-channel amps both benefit from a 45-260Hz low-pass and 45-270Hz high-pass crossovers, while the 4-channel has 50-250Hz low-pass and 43-260Hz crossovers. All these multi-channel units have a dedicated tri-mode output too, while the monoblock incorporates a 40-300Hz low-pass crossover and a 0-12db bass boost.

Juice Amplifier

All 4-amps are designed to be pushed to the limit and are suitably beefed-up with thermal overload circuitry and short circuit protection. In other words, just set ’em up, then crank ’em up and walk away worry free.

Priced from £59

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