• VIP Style Toyota Aristo

    VIP Style Toyota Aristo

    Glenn Rowswell on 28th July 2016

    Paddy Finnegan's VIP Toyota Aristo cares not for hot hatch hooliganism - it's a 90s Japanese powerhouse of the finest order, rolling VIP Style.

  • Tuned 1966 Chevy Chevelle

    Tuned 1966 Chevy Chevelle

    Glenn Rowswell on 27th July 2016

    Brothers Mike and Jim Ring never bring a knife to a gunfight. In this case, they brought a 980bhp, cruise missile constructed out of aircraft-grade alloys and composites and covered in paint befitting a war machine. Say hello to their tuned and modified 1966 Chevy Chevelle.

  • Liberty Walk BMW M4

    Liberty Walk BMW M4

    Glenn Rowswell on 18th July 2016

    Rolling on 12.5x20-inch forged Savini rims and wrapped in retina smacking chrome, this Liberty Walk wide-body BMW M4 is not one for the faint hearted.

  • Modified Datsun 260Z

    Modified Datsun 260Z

    Glenn Rowswell on 15th July 2016

    With a sleek body and curves in all the right places, Will Long's modified Datsun 260Z commands any car lovers attention. Check it out...

  • Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

    Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R

    Glenn Rowswell on 13th July 2016

    With 639bhp, 20-inch Rotiform SNA 3-piece wheels, Toyo R888 tyres and an Armytrix titanium exhaust system, this Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R packs a serious punch!

  • Modified Mk5 VW Golf GTi Edition 30

    Modified Mk5 VW Golf GTi Edition 30

    Glenn Rowswell on 11th July 2016

    Flawless bodywork, slammed to the floor and rolling on Lamborghini Gallardo wheels, we check out Mark Fisher's modified Mk5 VW Golf GTi Edition 30.

  • Modified Ford Fiesta Mk6

    Modified Ford Fiesta Mk6

    Glenn Rowswell on 7th July 2016

    Trainee school teacher Lauren Crees scores top marks with her juiced out, rare rimmed modified Ford Fiesta Mk6...

  • Modified SEAT Ibiza Mk3

    Modified SEAT Ibiza Mk3

    Glenn Rowswell on 1st July 2016

    Stunning wheels, flawless Ferrari paint and a punchy 20v 1.8T. This modified SEAT Ibiza Mk3 is one stunningly put together car!

  • Modified BMW E30

    Modified BMW E30

    Glenn Rowswell on 30th June 2016

    We check out Fast Car photographer Kevve Raekelboom's epic modified BMW E30. The Belgian beauty that has rewritten the rule book!

  • Stanced Porsche 964

    Stanced Porsche 964

    Glenn Rowswell on 28th June 2016

    A modified boxer engine, millimetre-perfect stance and the kind of fit and finish that would make Rolls-Royce engineers nod and smile. This stanced Porsche 964 Carrera 2 has the lot.

  • Modified Mk2 VW Golf

    Modified Mk2 VW Golf

    Glenn Rowswell on 8th June 2016

    We check out Jassi's stunning modified Mk2 VW Golf...