• Modified VW Lupo

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:33 pm, 23rd January 2012

    Modified VW Lupo

    Luc Wynant’s modified VW Lupo It’s fair to say when it comes to quality the Belgians have got it licked. Everything from their chocolates through to their beer reeks of it and when it comes to modified cars they’re no…

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  • Beat of the Week 5

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:32 pm, 23rd January 2012

    Beat of the Week 5

    It's our Beat of the Week in association with Car Audio Security. This week get the full works!

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  • Skunk2 Honda Integra

    Glenn Rowswell at 10:37 am, 23rd January 2012

    Skunk2 Honda Integra

    A short film on Skunk2 Street Team Elite member Ejay Adriano and his 1991 Honda Integra.

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  • Top 10 Best Car Jumps

    Glenn Rowswell at 3:30 pm, 22nd January 2012

    We love a good film at FC Towers. Even more so when it involves cars, stunts, and over-the-top car jumps. So we thought it was about time we put together a top 10 of our favourite movie and TV car…

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  • TRD Toyota Supra Homage

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:16 pm, 20th January 2012

    TRD Toyota Supra Homage

    The TRD Toyota Supra was a true legend. And this video pays homage to TRD’s work on the Toyota Supra MKIV. Awesome!

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  • Nürburgring Infographic

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:20 am, 20th January 2012

    Get the facts and figures on the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife with this awesome infographic map.

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