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Tuned Hondas

  • Grounds Shockers

    Grounds Shockers

    Glenn Rowswell on 14th June 2013

    A short video about some dudes and their slammed Hondas. Check it out!

  • Dumped Honda Civic EG

    Dumped Honda Civic EG

    Glenn Rowswell on 17th May 2013

    Carlos Mendez's stanced Honda Civic EG on Work Meisters throws it down on the streets of South Florida.

  • Super-clean Civic EK

    Super-clean Civic EK

    Glenn Rowswell on 23rd April 2013

    We do like a super-clean modified Honda Civic EK, and this one on CCW wheels is right up there. Lovely!

  • Tuned Honda NSX

    Tuned Honda NSX

    Glenn Rowswell on 16th April 2013

    We'd love a standard Honda NSX. But not as much as we'd love to have Tom Akigami's modified and tuned Honda NSX. Wow!

  • Stanced Honda Accord

    Stanced Honda Accord

    Glenn Rowswell on 15th April 2013

    Today we will be mostly dribbling over this stanced Honda Accord/ Acura TSX on CCW wheels. Damn!

  • Stanced Honda S2000

    Stanced Honda S2000

    Glenn Rowswell on 21st March 2013

    We take a gander at Matt Makarucha's stanced Honda S2000 daily driver

  • Modified Honda CRX

    Modified Honda CRX

    Glenn Rowswell on 20th March 2013

    Today we are mostly loving this super-clean Honda CRX. Amazing what a few well chosen mods can do for a car.

  • Honda Triple Hit

    Honda Triple Hit

    Glenn Rowswell on 30th January 2013

    Like Hondas? Well take a look at this great video by 6two1 of Peter Fyson’s S2000, Chris Purr’s EK and Adam Ivell’s DC5. Nice work guys!

  • Honda Tech Eight

    Honda Tech Eight

    Glenn Rowswell on 20th December 2012

    Canada's largest Honda meet Honda Tech Eight hits Toronto.

  • Stanced H22 packing Honda Civic EK

    Stanced H22 packing Honda Civic EK

    Glenn Rowswell on 30th November 2012

    Take a look at Lukasz Balec's stanced H22 Honda Civic EK running 16x9 front and 16x10 rear BBS wheels with custom inner barrels.

  • Stanced Honda Integra DC2

    Stanced Honda Integra DC2

    Glenn Rowswell on 29th November 2012

    We featured a video of this stanced Honda Integra DC2 a while back, well now it's back and better than ever.