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Live Action Arena - Paul Swift Stunt Shows

At the heart of the show, Paul Swift will be taking to the arena throughout the day. Don’t miss these breathtaking live performances, showing off his skills with speedy sideways parking, near inch-perfect routines and awesome two-wheel driving.

You can also win the chance of getting into the passenger seat! Keep your eyes peeled with details of how to enter…

Handling Challenge

We’re always looking for ways to freshen the show up and this year we’re introducing the ‘Handling Challenge’.

Masses of power and boost won’t help here – it’s all about control, accuracy and skill as you’ll navigate a series of challenges without hitting the penalty cones, all against the clock. You’ll need to show ultra-precise throttle and brake control, and perfect handling set-up, to set the fastest time on our fiendishly tricky course.

Bring out the stunt driver in you for just £10 for three runs, or if you want to keep trying your luck you can go for unlimited runs for only £20.

Drift Kings Competition Returns!

We are delighted to announce that the hugely popular Drift Kings event will return for 2021! Drift Kings sees 40 drivers from the British Drift Championship, as well as some of the front runners from feeder series DriftCup, to come and show what they’re made of in front of thousands of fans at the British home of motorsport.

Driving for the overall prize and they’ll be on track for three, 40-minute sessions where they will be judged on various elements. In the first session they’ll be judged on the line they take around Brooklands and Luffield, and then it’s all about speed as they have their drift initiation speed measured at the end of the Wellington straight, with top drivers hitting over 100mph as they start their drift!

We’ll be announcing the details of the driver lineup nearer the time, so keep your eyes peeled because you do not want to miss these guys.

Show & Shine Competition

Sponsored by Auto Finesse

Our events wouldn’t be the same without the Show and Shine competition!

The competition gives those of you with a car that’s spotless the chance of a trophy, crowning you Show and Shine winner for 2021. If you have a build that you’re wanting to showcase or a car that you’ve recently bought that you are super proud of then all you need to do is fill in the form to enter!

If you’re successful, we’ll be in touch and you’ll be one of just 20 cars sat proudly in our Show and Shine paddock, where one lucky owner will be crowned the  2021 Show and Shine overall winner.

Track Time Photo's supplied by Photography UK

If you’re heading on track at the event this year, you’ll be able to bag yourself a picture of your  car roaring round the infamous National Circuit.

Photography UK will be supplying the photographs for you to take home with you either on the day or via their website for you to purchase!

Please head to their website below after the event to get your track time photo if you didn’t manage to pick yours up on the day.

Banzai Magazine Display

The editor of Banzai magazine is back and ready to put forward the best feature cars for this display. Bringing together the cars that have been featured in the magazine over the past year and also some added extra’s that he thinks are top notch. Make sure you swing by and take note on some of the best cars at the show, maybe you’ll get some idea’s for your ride?

This year, we are putting our two magazine displays against each other. Be sure to make your vote on the day to decide who’s display is better – Banzai or Fast Car Magazine?!

Fast Car Magazine Display

Japfest would not be the same without the infamous Fast Car Magazine display.

For months, the editor has been putting together the very best cars that he could find for you to enjoy at Japfest 2020. These cars have been hand picked to display and will not disappoint.

All the cars on display have had their owners heart and soul put into them and not to imagine all their hard earned money!

As mentioned, Fast Car and Banzai Magazine are going head to head at this years event so make sure you vote for your favourite on the day!

Celebrating 35 Years of the Honda UK at Japfest 2020

We’re pleased to announce that we’re celebrating 35 years of the Honda in the UK at Japfest this year with the help of one of our loyal clubs, HondaLifestyle UK. We’ve asked the admin Steve to tell us how it all began…

‘My love for the Honda brand started when my Dad bought a brand-new Honda CR-V, it was a great and ultra-reliable. In 2013, I had seen the Civic EP3 Type R around and just really liked the look of it.
I finally purchased a stunning example from a local Dealer 2002 in Nighthawk Black with 60k on the clock and I still have it in 2020.

After running other successful car clubs, I decided to start my own Honda club after visiting Japfest Donington in 2014. After searching on Facebook, no other club really hit the mark in what I was looking for, hence why Hondalifestyle UK was born in 2014, we’ve been online for over 5 years with over 2000 members.

We’re a very well-established group with lots of followers, that attend regular, major shows. The club is very well known throughout the Honda community, it’s very family driven and we welcome modified and standard cars, and since 2019 and going into 2020 we have really started to hit hard with our Instagram following with people from all around the world sending us photos for us to feature on our page.

We are always striving for perfection with updates on our club stickers and clothing now being established and updated. 2020 is going to be the biggest push forward for the club and our awesome admin team as listed below, one of which being my son Dan Turner, who owns a EP2 Sport Facelift.
It’s an honour to be asked to be part of the 35th Honda Anniversary feature for Japfest 2020.’

You can check the club out here:


Admin Team:

Club Founder – Steve Turner
Instagram – @hondalifestyleuk

Admin – Dan Turner –   @that_silver_civic
Admin – Charlotte Alana Purvis
Admin – Matthew Willis – @k20_willis

25th Anniversary of the Honda Integra Display

As a part of our anniversary display area, we are delighted to celebrate 25 years of the Honda Integra at Japfest this year with the help of the ‘’ club. Here’s what they had to say about their love for the Integra and the club…

‘Founded In 2002 the ITR DC5 Club was formed to share the admiration and first hand experiences of this outstanding Type R model. After the exceptional DC2 ceased production in 2001 its successor had huge boots to fill… thankfully the DC5 didn’t disappoint with many journalists touting it as a step above its predecessor! Nearly 2 decades on and the buzz surrounding this brilliant car has remained strong. Drop by the anniversary stand at Japfest this year and see for yourself!
For exciting builds, technical Q & As, DIY guides and much more head over to to our site listed below’

You can check the club out here:
Admin Team:
Show Organiser/Admin – Drew Wheeler
Instagram – @integra_type_r_owners_club

Win This Car - Honda CRX

After the success of the giveaway competition last year and our Subaru Impreza gone to it’s new home, we’re stepping up our game for 2021.

When was the last time you saw a Honda CRX? We’ve bagged a survivor and it could be yours!
You can enter at the show for just £5 per entry, the winner will be picked at TRAX Silverstone at the end of the year.

Magazine Paddocks

If you’ve always wanted to show your car alongside your favourite Magazine Display, this one is for you!

Our friends over at Fast Car Magazine and Banzai Magazine are putting together a paddock of the freshest, coolest and most aspiring builds for this year’s display. and if you want to be a part of it, just book in your car for just £3!

trax retail village

Retail Village

If you’re looking for some top-notch products for your car all in one place, then be sure to head to our Retail Village.

Situated at the heart of the event, the retail village is packed with everything and anything you could need for your car, from throttle bodies to wheels and camshafts to coil overs and everything in between!

We are proud to promote that you will also find some of the leading names in the industry showcasing their latest products and offering advice on your project, as well as exclusive discounts that are simply too good to miss!

Slide House - RC Drifting back for 2021

We are welcoming back Slide House to Japfest for 2021 to showcase their talents on their remote-controlled drift cars.

You can find the RC Drifters in the pit garages at this years event, sweeping sideways in their life-like RC cars. It’s definitely a lot harder than it looks!

If you have an RC drift car and want to have a go, or you just want to know more about Slide House, please click here.

Auto Finesse Detailing Academy

We’re are pleased to announce that Auto Finesse are back with their detailing academy.

If you’re hoping to learn the art of detailing to perfect your ride then this is the place to go at the event. Based in the Scrutineering bay, you’ll be sure to see the professionals in action showcasing the do’s and don’ts of detailing!

Alongside this, they will be bringing some of the shiniest cars with them to round off their display.

Club Displays and Awards

As always, the club displays are the biggest part of our events.

We welcome all Japanese car clubs to display at the event from GTR’s and 350z’s, and Celica’s to Subaru’s you can guarantee that we will have an variety of Japanese cars provided by our dedicated club displays which combined put on some truly epic displays.

If you’re a club and you’re looking to attend the event please head to our club tickets page for more information!

As before, we are offering the following awards to those clubs that really stand out. All awards will be announced throughout the day and your club will be contacted if you’re the lucky winners!

Best Club Stand
Best Regional Club Stand
Best One-Make Club Stand

We wish you luck!

Special Display

Not part of a club but would still love to display your car? Well panic not!

We offer drivers who aren’t part of a club the opportunity to display their car within the Special Display area at the event which will be located within the circuit. As long as your car is Japanese, you will be guaranteed a spot within the Special Display area.

To purchase the display pass, click here and select the option to display your car for just £3.

As well as getting to show off your car to the thousands of visitors, you also get early access to beat the queues and get settled in for the show.

Public Tracktime

We are giving you the opportunity to drive around Silverstone’s National Circuit. You can take your car out on track in our 20 minute  sessions for only £35.

We have sessions to suit all abilities, so anyone can get out on the tarmac.

Mixed Ability – all levels of track experience
Novice – new to track driving? Get out on the circuit with other novice drivers

Passenger Tickets: Why not take a friend out on track with you in your car? Passenger tickets will be available to purchase in advance or on the day for just £10.

Please note all track sessions are for Japanese cars only. We will exercise the right to refuse entry to any other vehicles. You will also need a valid entry ticket for the show and to bring the paper section which accompanies your driving licence. This can be downloaded from the DVLA website and brought with you . No refunds will be given if you do not provide the correct documentation. Minimum age for passengers wanting to go on track is 18 years.

Entrance Photography

If you’re displaying your car at the event, you will be able to purchase a professional image of you driving your pride and joy into the venue!

You can purchase this picture from Photography UK within the Retail Village on the day or you can purchase it after the event via their website which can be found here.

This is a perfect souvenir to remember your day at the event 2021 or even to buy it as a gift for a loved one.

*SATURDAY* Paul Swift Stunt Driving Experiences

Push yourself to the limit and take on the ultimate driving challenge!

An adrenaline filled master class brought to you by a team of professional stunt drivers. An unforgettable experience for petrolheads with a passion for performance cars.

The team give you the opportunity to experience some of their most exciting driving stunts. Learn how to perform all the tricks you’ve seen in the movies in a safe and controlled environment. It’s not just for the movies…It’s for real!

To book your experience, or speak to the team, please contact:
Tel: 01325 247554
More information can be found on the website here.