Check out this great video from our friend Ron Celestine at Tokyo Tuner on Nao San’s JZA80.

So what’s it all about? Well, Ron told us: “The way Nao and I met was by pure coincidence. While at Tsukuba Circuit getting some event coverage for Speedhunters, I spotted a pink Supra in the parking lot. It reminded me of Hiba-San’s Ridox Supra and made me wonder if they were friends. Unbeknownst to me, I had spoken with the owner (Nao-San) inside the circuit while asking for some track information. Later on, someone on SH told me I should reach out to Nao on IG and we connected there. That’s when we found out that A) We both were good friends with Hiba- San and the Supra group! B) We did indeed meet at the circuit lol.”

“Long story short, we have been great friends since! So I felt it was only right to do a Spotlight on her and her JZA80 Supra. So, this time on Tokyo Tuner, join me as we take a look at why Nao-San loves Supra’s so much!”