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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 30th January 2019

One thing we’ve always loved about our friends at Rotiform is that they’re never afraid to upset the apple cart. Thinking outside the box comes as standard here, and it’s exactly this sort of behaviour that inspires new ideas like the (now award-winning) AeroDisc, or the batshit centre designs that took the modifying game to a new level.

Now, we all know Rotiform do a classic design very well. But this 10-spoker with a twist certainly isn’t one of those. There’s no doubt this crazy looking CVT will be a future classic of course, but it’s clearly a design that’s very much of this era.

All-new, modern, almost challenging to the eye, it’s exactly these sort of wheels that go down in history, and we’ve no doubt that, one day, they will take their rightful place in the bonkers wheel hall of fame. Right next to the Ronal URS, TSW Venom, and Smith’s Twister.

What this wheel has over all of these classics though, is that it’s all about YOUR choice. They’re bound to be popular (they are Rotiforms after all). But the genius part is that, what with all the options, there’s no reason why any two sets ever have to be the same.

We love that they’re offering an entry-level, 8.5×19-inch cast monoblock for a start. But even that is available in any 5-stud PCD and a mind-boggling selection of off-the-shelf finishes. The forged 1, 2 or 3-piece versions come with much the same finish options, although these can be configured to fit almost any vehicle out there, with any size you can imagine from a 6×14-incher right up to a monster 16×24, along with everything in between.

Oh, and all that’s before you even start thinking about lip choices, hardware options, directional faces and all that stuff.

What’s most important here though is that Rotiform have done their bit on the crazy centres. It’s only the limits of your own imagination that will ultimately create your finished set. All you have to do is let it run wild!

Sizes: 8.5×19-inch (cast), 6-16-inch widths, 14-24-inch diameters (forged)
PCDs: Any 5-stud (cast), any PCD (forged)
Offsets: ET35 and ET45 (cast), any (forged)
Finishes: Gloss Black, Matte Silver, Matte Anthracite, Gold, Bronze (standard finishes), Gloss Candy Black, Brushed, Brushed Single Dark Tint, Brushed Matte DDT, Brushed Rose Gold, Brushed Monaco Copper, Brushed Candy Copper, Brushed Candy Red, Brushed Candy Blue, Brushed Candy Pink (speciality finishes).

Price £POA

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