• Road Rage

    Glenn Rowswell at 5:16 pm, 10th January 2012

    Road Rage

    Next time you hit your horn remember this could happen to you. Well maybe…

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  • Best of WRC 2011

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:56 am, 9th January 2012

    Best of WRC 2011

    2011 was another epic year for the World Rally Championship. Don’t believe us? Well check this out!

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  • Rumblers Car Show

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:48 am, 9th January 2012

    Rumblers Car Show

    The Rumblers Car Show took place in Brooklyn, New York, USA, a while back – but we’ve only just spotted this cool video. Please excuse the music though…

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  • Ken Block hits Twin Peaks

    Glenn Rowswell at 4:35 pm, 5th January 2012

    Ken Block hits Twin Peaks

    Ken Block and the Monster World Rally Team take H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta to the Dirtfish Rally School in Snoqualmie Falls, WA. It’s where Twin Peaks (ask your parents) was filmed don’t you know.

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  • D.A.M.N.²

    Glenn Rowswell at 3:14 pm, 4th January 2012


    Along with UK the Belgians are right up there for building some truly awe inspiring motors. Just check out this video of the D.A.M.N.² meet run by Belgian car crew “Dark Angels for evidence. Warning: There are a few some…

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  • Silly low Honda Civic EF Sedan

    Glenn Rowswell at 3:06 pm, 4th January 2012

    Silly low Honda Civic EF Sedan

    We love an old school Honda at Fast Car, and we simply love this super clean slammed Honda Civic EF Sedan. Awesome.

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