The Korean car companies are knocking out hot hatches and uber saloons faster than ever at the moment. The rise of Kia and Hyundai is evident for all to see, so no prizes for guessing that suspension supremo, KW, is hot on the heels of the Kia Stinger, most notably with the M badge and RS challenging Stinger GT-S model.

The latest Variant 3 coilover kit from KW allows 25 – 45mm of altitude reduction, 12 clicks of compression and 16 clicks of rebound adjustment.

Thanks to two-stage compression valves there’s invariably something left in the tank to keep contact patches in touch with the asphalt at all times.
Suitable for all Kia Stinger models the latest Variant 3 coilover kit is out now.

Ignore the Stinger at your peril because rumour has it, Albert Biermann was poached to give the Stinger some exciting DNA. Where was he poached from? BMWs M-Division, that’s where.

Priced from £1772 (for car without electronic dampers)

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