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Ken Block Gymkhana 6 Release Date

Ken Block Gymkhana 6 Release Date

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 25th October 2013

Ken Block Gymkhana 6 six video
Ken Block has finally revealed the release date for his Gymkhana Six video. The date for your diaries is the 11th November 2013.

In a post on the Ken Block Facebook he stated:
“Here it is, the big announcement: I’m stoked to announce my new partnership with Need for Speed Rivals! And for the other big news: they’re also the official title sponsor of Gymkhana SIX.”

And the reason for Ken Block working with Need for Speed for Gymkhana 6? Well he has joined Need for Speed as a Racing Advisor.
ken block gymkhana 6 ford fiesta
On the partnership Ken Block told us: “Partnering with EA and Need for Speed is a natural fit for our team. I feel like we both have the same goal in mind – to let people live out a fantasy of really pushing the limits of what you can do in the driver’s seat.”

He added: “It’s that special mix of fast-pace, raw speed and over-the-top fun, which has made the Gymkhana series a success, and something the Need for Speed games capture really well. We’re both excited to show you how we’re taking things to a new level in Gymkhana SIX in just a few weeks.”

To date, the first five videos have garnered more than 250 million views. The next video in this series, Gymkhana SIX, will be released in its entirety November 11 and will once again raise the bar for what can be done behind-the-wheel of a car.