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Fifth Gear – Episode 5 Preview Video

Fifth Gear – Episode 5 Preview Video

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 11th March 2013

Fifth Gear Episode 5 Preview

When: Monday 11th March 8PM
Where: Discovery Channel

In this episode of Fifth Gear, Jonny enters the world of professional drifting as competes in the famous Gatebil show in Norway, driving a specially modified BMW M5. To give himself a fighting chance, he first arranges some tuition from the 2011 British Drift Champion Matt Carter.

Jason’s at the wheel of the latest version of one of the world’s longest running cars – the Mercedes SL.

Vicki’s at Silverstone, taking part in the most spectacular world record attempt we’ve ever seen. Around 1,000 Ferraris aim to set a new record for the largest parade of Ferraris ever

And Tiff reveals if the latest technology to trickle down from Formula One, filling tyres with Nitrogen instead of air, can improve your car.