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10 People Who Can Drive Better Than You In The Snow

10 People Who Can Drive Better Than You In The Snow

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 18th January 2013

10 People Who Can Drive Better Than You In The Snow… and 1 that can’t

Well the big freeze has the hit the UK and we know faces some of the coldest weather we’ve ever experienced. Brrrrrrrrr!

So we thought we’d use it as an excuse to compile some top videos of driving in the white stuff.

So grab yourself a warm drink, kick back and warm yourself up with this lot!

1. Ken Block teams up with the DC Shoes snowboard team in 2007 at the New Zealand’s Snow Park NZ. And this video was the result.

2. Stig Blomqvist and his Audi Quattro S1 are one of the most iconic images in world rallying. What a car, and what a driver!

3. Check out these large men in children’s cars. But kid’s cars with a difference, yep, these have been modified and pack some proper power!

4. The late and great three times WRC Champion Colin McRae during testing in Monte Carlo. Awesome.

5. When it comes to badass driving in snow, no one does it like The Scandinavians. Scandinavia, we salute you!

6. Sebastian Loeb has won the WRC world championship seven times in a row (2004 – 2010). Can he make it ten straight? With driving like below it would be no surprise.

7. Two times WRC world champion Marcus Gronholm is a true ice king, with driving that’s as nearly as cool the environment he’s tackling.

8. She maybe a lady, but rally star Louise Cook will kick any guys arse when it comes driving in extreme conditions. Don’t believe us? Well check out this!

9. The famous Andros Trophy drivers in the Ice Racing Championship have been doing their thang for years now. Check out this awesome action from the 90s.

10. Okay, okay, a Redbull F1 car might not be best car for driving on ice. But hey it’s a cool video. So that’ll do for us.

And the one that can’t…

Rather than help her poor boyfriend in his quest to beat the icy hill in his SEAT, she thought she’d film it instead. Nice work Mrs!