Winter Car Tips


Running air ride? Well the water that inevitably condenses in your system is the enemy at the best of times but it’s particularly important to get rid of it in winter. You don’t want it freezing in the lines, expanding and cracking them do you? Thought not.

If you haven’t got a water trap in your setup now’s the time to fit one. Usually these are installed between the tank and the valves (or control manifold) to stop any water that’s condensed in the tank from getting through and damaging the rest of the system. If you’re feeling flash you can fit one between the compressor and tank too. Some need to be drained regularly, some automatically drain to the outside of the car or a catch bottle.

Some of the guys in the US and Canada even recommend using a cap full of air-brake antifreeze in your tank to make draining easier – but that’s only for serious sub-zero temps.

Above all, make sure you drain and purge your air tank every week or so and ‘air out’ the whole system to blow any water out of the bags and lines, do it in your garage or during the warmest part of the day for best results.

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