make your car lighter and faster

2. Get some buckets
There’s no getting away from it, standard seats weigh an absolute ton especially those big electric, heated sofa-type buggers you get in luxury cars. In fact, it’s common practice in the states for people to strip their seats of all the electric motors and fit manual sliders in a bit to shed a few pounds. Even the average car seat can weigh 16-20kg so the best solution will always be fitting some lightweight aftermarket buckets.

Available in both reinforced fibreglass and posh composites like Kevlar and carbon fibre, some aftermarket seats from the likes of Corbeau can weigh as little as 5kg. Even with the subframes needed to get them in that’s a more than significant drop in weight – especially if you only need the one.

When you’re making your choice don’t forget to consider that leather generally weighs more than cloth too, just try to pick up a cow sometime, it’ll be far heaver than your girlfriends frilly knickers.

Weight loss: Up to 25KG per seat
Cost:  From £100

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