Best Convertible Cars Under £5k

3. Porsche Boxster 986 – priced from £4,500
On the face of it buying a cheap Porsche Boxster seems like a great idea but delve deeper and talk of RMS leaks and IMS bearing can be a real turn off. Now, while these problems shouldn’t be ignored, they shouldn’t end your Porsche dream either. You just need to make sure you find a car that has had an uprated IMS fitted or one cheap enough to warrant spending £1500 getting it replaced – it can be a great haggling tool.

If you do take this route bear in mind that you might as well change the clutch at the same time. Or you could simply run the calculated risk that the IMS will be fine, the chances are it will be.

We know a few people with 986s and they all rave about them, so our advice is to spend a little more (buy a 3k Boxster and you’re asking for trouble), get the S badge and buy one that has a faultless service history. Then have some fun with modification; first step is to get that flat six roaring with a new exhaust!

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