tuned honda

  • 1000bhp Honda Civic EF

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:44 am, 21st October 2016

    1000bhp Honda Civic EF

    Lutz Jr.’s bat shit crazy Honda Civic EF is back. Packing twin 76mm turbo's, a 434 cubic inch small block and pushing over 1000bhp, this ain't no normal Honda Civic!

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  • 6TWO1 Honda Meet

    Glenn Rowswell at 7:26 am, 9th September 2016

    6TWO1 Honda Meet

    Check out this great vlog from the crew at 6Two1 on their recent Honda Meet.

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  • Modified Honda Civic EK

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:03 am, 16th August 2016

    Modified Honda Civic EK

    Not willing to make any compromises, Perry Gemmell has drastically improved every single aspect of his modified Honda Civic EK to ensure his car is the best all-rounder you’ll ever see!

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  • Slammed Honda S2000

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:09 am, 19th August 2014

    Slammed Honda S2000

    We love the mighty Honda S2000, and Henry Doan's Stoopidlow S2000 is a work of art. Take a look!

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