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Stanced Nissan Cube

  • Nissan Cube Audio Car

    Nissan Cube Audio Car

    Glenn Rowswell on 6th November 2017

    It’s got enough audio to register on the Richter scale, but this really is only the tip of the iceberg for Scott’s fantastic, hydro’d Cube. Prepare for a big slice quirkiness!

  • Modified Nissan Cube

    Modified Nissan Cube

    Glenn Rowswell on 21st February 2017

    How do you turn a cute Japanese Nissan Cube into a badass modified urban prowler? With an infusion of malice, cool mods and a whole bunch of spray paint...

  • Nissan Cube Meeting video

    Nissan Cube Meeting video

    Glenn Rowswell on 3rd September 2012

    Like cars with the aerodynamics of a brick? Well we reckon you'll like this cool modified Nissan Cube video then.