Sealey Tools


    Glenn Rowswell at 6:28 am, 7th December 2017


    Here’s a sweet little workshop bundle no self-respecting modifier or mechanic should be without...

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  • Sealey CP1200 Series

    Glenn Rowswell at 6:58 am, 13th October 2017

    Sealey CP1200 Series

    Now, here’s an idea we can all get on board with – having a whole selection of reasonably-priced, 12-volt power tools that all work on the same battery...

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  • Sealey Multi-Coloured Sockets

    Glenn Rowswell at 10:41 am, 15th July 2014

    Sealey Multi-Coloured Sockets

    Hardened, tempered and ranging from 10-19mm – they’re professional quality with a cheeky coloured-chrome finish that almost makes it a shame to dirty ‘em all up!

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  • Sealey CX101D Service Trolley

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:00 am, 19th February 2014

    Sealey CX101D Service Trolley

    We’ll find any excuse for fiddling with our tools so this new heavy-duty service trolley from Sealey, is definitely enough to give us that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

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