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    Glenn Rowswell on 8th January 2018

    It may be electric, but this proper little off-road buggy is packing a 48 Volt, 1,000-watt motor and that means it not only shifts rather well, but it’s almost silent, so it won’t upset the neighbours too much...

  • Thumpstar DirtyB 140 Pit Bike

    Thumpstar DirtyB 140 Pit Bike

    Glenn Rowswell on 31st October 2017

    It may be fun to watch, but we’ve never been ones for dressing up in brightly-coloured leather cat suits, attempting back flips on dirt ramps and ending up in A&E with a broken back. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want one of these teeny weeny, pint-sized pit bikes from the guys at Thumpstar...