Modified Toyota AE86

  • The Rotang Klan

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:00 pm, 7th February 2013

    The Rotang Klan

    Mad ‘Mike’ Whiddett’s 26bpp powered RX7 and Hugo Maclean’s 20bpp powered AE86 ripping it up. Turn up those speakers and enjoy!

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  • AE86 on fire

    Glenn Rowswell at 12:44 pm, 11th September 2012

    AE86 on fire

    We don't know the story behind this mint AE86 going up in flames. But we do know it makes us very sad.

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  • Touge awesomeness

    Glenn Rowswell at 12:19 pm, 24th July 2012

    Touge awesomeness

    No music, no clever editing, just cars going sideways. If you don't like this, then you suck. No, you really do.

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