Modified Porsche 964

  • Porsche 911 (964) Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

    Glenn Rowswell at 8:52 am, 22nd July 2016

    Porsche 911 (964) Air Lift Performance Air Suspension Kit

    The Porsche 911 underwent a major evolution with the reveal of the 964 series – a new, air-cooled, rear engine, a completely new suspension system, and a sleek, aerodynamic exterior, all standard. But who wants to drive anything standard?!

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  • Stanced Porsche 964

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:24 am, 28th June 2016

    Stanced Porsche 964

    A modified boxer engine, millimetre-perfect stance and the kind of fit and finish that would make Rolls-Royce engineers nod and smile. This stanced Porsche 964 Carrera 2 has the lot.

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  • Porsche 964 RWB

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:57 am, 24th January 2014

    Porsche 964 RWB

    It's been way too long since we last had some Rauh-Welt Begriff Porsche action on the site. So here, have this Porsche 964 RWB video.

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  • Making of RWB Thailand 2

    Glenn Rowswell at 10:28 am, 4th March 2013

    Making of RWB Thailand 2

    If this 'Making of RWB Thailand 2' video doesn't get your automotive juices following, well nothing will.

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