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Modified Karmann Ghia

  • Aircooled 2014

    Aircooled 2014

    Glenn Rowswell on 21st July 2014

    If you like your VW's on the air cooled side, check out this video of the fantastic Aircooled VW Show that took place in Stratford upon Avon, UK.

  • Slammed Karmann Ghia

    Slammed Karmann Ghia

    Glenn Rowswell on 9th July 2014

    Public Enemy, a Karmann Ghia and a dude on a BMX - what’s not to like eh?

  • Thunderbolt Karmann Ghia

    Thunderbolt Karmann Ghia

    Glenn Rowswell on 21st March 2014

    The Radikalbugz TV crew take a look at the awesomely titled Thunderbolt Karmann Ghia.

  • 2º Hotvolks and Friends

    2º Hotvolks and Friends

    Glenn Rowswell on 12th December 2012

    Check out probably the first bit of Brazilian car culture we've ever featured, the 2º Hotvolks and Friends Show.

  • Panscrapers Meeting

    Panscrapers Meeting

    Glenn Rowswell on 5th December 2012

    We know very little about this Panscrapers Meeting, other than it looks mighty fine!