Modified Drift Cars

  • Black Mark Day 2016

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:50 pm, 3rd June 2016

    Black Mark Day 2016

    A look back at Black Mark Day 2016 at Nikko Circuit, Japan. An awesome video by the guys at Street Kingz Films.

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  • Japspeed Nissan Rods

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:36 am, 13th August 2014

    Japspeed Nissan Rods

    The guys have developed these SuperLock Tension rods and SuperLow rear toe rods on their own Team Japspeed drift cars...

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  • Ride The Mountains Drift

    Glenn Rowswell at 9:35 am, 11th August 2014

    Ride The Mountains Drift

    Is there anything cooler than a car drifting down a mountain? Yes, two cars drifting down a mountain!

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  • Gatebil Rudskogen 2014 MovieBird

    Glenn Rowswell at 1:17 pm, 22nd July 2014

    Gatebil Rudskogen 2014 MovieBird

    We’ve watched this video by MovieBird Norway of Gatebil Rudskogen July 2014 a dozen times or more and we are still speechless. These guys just took the car culture video to an unprecedented level. Wow!

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