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  • Nikki Jaded and Cherry Lei

    Nikki Jaded and Cherry Lei

    Glenn Rowswell on 22nd March 2013

    Love tuned cars and hot girls? If so, hit play and enjoy Nikki Jaded and Cherry Lei. If not, well we guess you're on the wrong website.

  • AutoCon video

    AutoCon video

    Glenn Rowswell on 1st February 2013

    Now we know this isn't the newest AutoCon video, but we haven't seen it so we thought we'd share it anyway. Plus there's a shed load of awesome cars and ladies to lap up. Enjoy!

  • Evo X and Ashley Pham

    Evo X and Ashley Pham

    Glenn Rowswell on 16th November 2012

    Slammed Evo X + Rotiforms + Ashley Pham = good times. Enjoy!

  • Turner BMW M3 Girls Video

    Turner BMW M3 Girls Video

    Glenn Rowswell on 14th June 2012

    A car, a middle aged man driving around a track and some screaming promo girls. Yup, nothing new to see here. Yawn...

  • Babes ‘n’ Donuts

    Babes ‘n’ Donuts

    Glenn Rowswell on 5th April 2012

    You’ve got to love those marketing types, they think putting some hot girls in bikinis in a car doing donuts with milk and… yep you guessed it donuts means people will watch this. Honestly…