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  • 3500bhp Camaro

    3500bhp Camaro

    Glenn Rowswell on 8th March 2017

    Turn up those speakers and get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor. Dayum!

  • Wheel Standing Funny Cars

    Wheel Standing Funny Cars

    Glenn Rowswell on 29th November 2016

    What's better than one wheel standing funny car? You got it, two!

  • Slowmo Dragsters

    Slowmo Dragsters

    Glenn Rowswell on 18th August 2014

    We love drag racing, but seeing it in slowmo gives us a whole new level of love. Every petrolhead has got to see this!

  • 2265bhp Chevy 210

    2265bhp Chevy 210

    Glenn Rowswell on 25th February 2014

    It's Colin Lazenby’s 2265bhp 13.5-litre big block Chevy 210. And get this, it's street legal!

  • 60-Year-Old Drag Racer

    60-Year-Old Drag Racer

    Glenn Rowswell on 10th May 2012

    Think you can be too old for tuned cars? Well you’re wrong, as 60-year-old Kathy Countiss proves in her chipped Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Awesome.

  • Lizzy Musi Drag Car Crash

    Lizzy Musi Drag Car Crash

    Glenn Rowswell on 23rd April 2012

    Lizzy Musi’s massive drag crash at the 2012 ADRL Spring Drags III at Bristol Dragway. Ouch!

  • 8000bhp funny car blows up

    8000bhp funny car blows up

    Glenn Rowswell on 16th April 2012

    Check out this crazy video of the moment Matt Hagan’s 8000bhp funny car blows at 260mph. Even more amazing is he walked away! Hero.

  • Crazy Drag Car Explosion

    Crazy Drag Car Explosion

    Glenn Rowswell on 10th April 2012

    Check out this crazy drag Camaro car explosion from the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi. Luckily no one was hurt, rumours are it was caused by a Nitrous Oxide leak.

  • Drag Car FAIL

    Drag Car FAIL

    Glenn Rowswell on 2nd April 2012

    Question: Can a drag car, a car built to drive at high speeds in a straight line corner? Answer: No.