• New Direnza Rads

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:37 am, 6th August 2014

    New Direnza Rads

    Euro car specialists Direnza have just added a whole new range of off-the-shelf replacements to their line up including the Mk3 Clio, Citroen C2 and DS3 and even the thoroughly non-Euro Suzuki Swift...

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  • Direnza MK5 Golf GTi/FSi FMIC Kit

    Glenn Rowswell at 11:33 am, 25th September 2013

    Direnza MK5 Golf GTi/FSi FMIC Kit

    With blown Mk5 Golfs finally out there at reasonable money, it’s awesome to see this front-mount kit from Direnza coming in at a great price too.

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