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    Glenn Rowswell on 25th July 2018

    It’s been hotter than an Afghan Scorpion’s plums over the past few weeks so, instead of wasting the same amount of cash on a 3-day break in some shit hotel in Benidorm (where it’s actually colder), why not give your turbocharged motor the treat it deserves when it’s working hard in the su

  • Mishimoto J-Line Race Intercooler

    Mishimoto J-Line Race Intercooler

    Glenn Rowswell on 26th November 2013

    If you’re looking for an impeccably engineered, ultra-compact universal front-mount, then look no further than this new race edition unit from aftermarket cooling legends Mishimoto.

  • Direnza Mini Cooper S R56 Intercooler

    Direnza Mini Cooper S R56 Intercooler

    Glenn Rowswell on 29th May 2013

    Got the 2006-2011 turbocharged Mini Cooper S, then you’ll be interested in this new alloy intercooler from Euro parts specialists Direnza.

  • Universal Intercoolers Audi S3 Kit

    Universal Intercoolers Audi S3 Kit

    Glenn Rowswell on 4th April 2013

    Universal Intercoolers launch new direct-fit kit for the turbo’d terror that is the 1999-2003 Audi S3