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  • 5 Best Wheel Cleaners

    5 Best Wheel Cleaners

    Glenn Rowswell on 15th January 2014

    Keep your wheels gleaming with our 5 best wheel cleaners...

  • Meguiar’s launch new mobile website

    Meguiar’s launch new mobile website

    Glenn Rowswell on 17th September 2013

    Meguiar’s has launched a new mobile web site, which has been designed to give car care fans hints, tips and events information on the move.

  • Meguiar’s Light Wax / Dark Wax

    Meguiar’s Light Wax / Dark Wax

    Glenn Rowswell on 2nd July 2013

    Meguiar’s have released two innovative new wax products, Meguiar’s Light Wax and Meguiar’s Dark Wax...

  • Mitchell and King Glitz Wax

    Mitchell and King Glitz Wax

    Glenn Rowswell on 18th March 2013

    In the world of detailing it doesn’t get any more exclusive than the bespoke waxes produced by the UK artisans at Mitchell and King.

  • Turtle Wax Colour Magic Range

    Turtle Wax Colour Magic Range

    Glenn Rowswell on 27th December 2012

    What can be better than a polish that’s already the colour of your car? Not a lot, and that’s the basis behind the Colour Magic range from Turtle Wax.

  • World’s Largest Car Wax

    World’s Largest Car Wax

    Glenn Rowswell on 30th November 2012

    The world’s largest car wax has been created to mark the fifth anniversary of Dodo Juice.

  • Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner

    Meguiar’s Glass Cleaner

    Glenn Rowswell on 29th October 2012

    Scientifically speaking we always find that actually being able to see out of your windows properly enhances your driving ability by anything up to 99-percent...

  • Muc-Off Ubershine

    Muc-Off Ubershine

    Glenn Rowswell on 9th August 2012

    Why just have a shine when you can have an Ubershine?

  • Meguiar’s Ultimate Starter Kit

    Meguiar’s Ultimate Starter Kit

    Glenn Rowswell on 23rd May 2012

    Check out this newly released Meguiar’s Ultimate Starter Kit, the perfect combo of products to get your car clean, shiny and summer ready.