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Car Audio Amps

  • Vibe BlackAir 4 Amp

    Vibe BlackAir 4 Amp

    Glenn Rowswell on 6th December 2012

    We check out the amazing Vibe BlackAir 4 Amp

  • New Juice Amplifiers

    New Juice Amplifiers

    Glenn Rowswell on 8th November 2012

    There’s a brand spanking new range of Juice amps heading to the UK as we speak, and we think you should know about it!

  • Phoenix Gold Elite Amps Range

    Phoenix Gold Elite Amps Range

    Glenn Rowswell on 17th October 2012

    This month we’re not giving our Star Amplifier title to just one specific model. Oh no: we’re giving it to the whole cast of Phoenix Gold’s Elite range.

  • In Phase Power Drive 5000

    In Phase Power Drive 5000

    Glenn Rowswell on 14th August 2012

    Just for you, we’ve gone and had a ganders at this hench Power Drive 5000 by In Phase, a bonkers amp that easily takes the star amplifier title for this month. Here’s why...

  • JL Audio XD Range

    JL Audio XD Range

    Glenn Rowswell on 27th June 2012

    The spanking good JL Audio XD Range is here. Check it out!

  • In Phase IPX600 Amp

    In Phase IPX600 Amp

    Glenn Rowswell on 31st May 2012

    In Phase are doing some top audio gear right now, and this stonking IPX600 is no different.

  • In Phase SRC6 Amp

    In Phase SRC6 Amp

    Glenn Rowswell on 10th May 2012

    If you like the look of your factory spec audio but want to eek more from it, then this In Phase SRC6 Amp is the baby for you.

  • Phoenix Gold R500.1 Amp

    Phoenix Gold R500.1 Amp

    Glenn Rowswell on 3rd May 2012

    What with the Olympics being just around the corner, we thought we’d celebrate by giving you some gold –Phoenix Gold, baby!

  • JL Audio JX3604 Amp

    JL Audio JX3604 Amp

    Glenn Rowswell on 11th April 2012

    Our friends over at Celsus ICE know their stuff when it comes to car audio. Which is why, when they told us just how good their JL JX360/4 amplifier is, we just had to pass it on to you guy